DMK Bihaku 10 Day Peel Procedure


What is it?

The DMK Bihaku is a DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment designed to (in the comfort of your own home) enhance the skin’s brightness, complexion, and to plump and hydrate the skin.


Who should use this treatment?

The DMK Bihaku Revision Home Protocol may be used with skin exhibiting the following characteristics:

  •         Genetically darker skin tones.
  •         Dark circles around the eyes.
  •         Skin genetically prone to pigmentation.
  •         Trauma induced pigmentation, for example, pigmented acne scars.
  •         Uneven skin tones and texture.




What is the procedure?

The two key products are Super Bright and Pro Alpha #1, which is a professional strength AHA blend solution. This formulation will be tailored to your specific skin type.

  1. Cleanse with DMK Deep Pore or DMK Milk Cleanser.
  2. Apply approximately 2ml Bihaku solution per application (this will depend on the area of application).
  3. Apply in the evening to the area being treated. This can include the face, neck, under the eyes, décolleté and backs of hands.
    **Your Skin Suite Skin Strategist will demonstrate via virtual consultation how the application is to be carried out.
  4. Leave the solution on the skin overnight.
  5. Cleanse the skin the following morning with Deep Pore or Milk Cleanser. It is imperative that you apply the daily maintenance to support the progressive Bihaku brightening. This includes using your prescribed home care routine from The Skin Suite plus the following DMK Home Prescriptive; EFA Ultra, Beta Gel, Herbal Pigment Oil, Herb & Mineral Mist.
  6. You will perform an ‘At Home Enzyme’ treatment on day five and then reapply Bihaku solution and leave on overnight again.
  7. Continue to apply Bihaku at home on days six, seven, eight, and nine.
  8. You will perform another ‘At Home Enzyme’ on day ten for a final Enzyme Lift-Off and infusion.

Your Skin Strategist will advise you of any Professional Skin Revision Programs you may need to continue after the procedure above has been completed.




Prior to commencing any DMK Professional Skin Revision Program you must inform your Skin Strategist of all medications you are taking and any medical conditions or allergies you are experiencing.

The following medications can contraindicate with the DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment:

  •         Roaccutane.
  •         Warfarin.
  •         Aspirin.
  •         Antibiotics internal and topical.
  •         Topical ointments.
  •         Change in medications.

If you have any of the following conditions, your skin should not be treated with the Bihaku Revision Home Protocol:

  •         Inflamed and reactive skin.
  •         Cold sore/ herpes.
  •         Eczema.
  •         Psoriasis.
  •         Dermatitis.
  •         Skin suffering from high transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

If the skin becomes red, itchy and inflamed at any time throughout the DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment the client should consult their Skin Revision Therapist and discontinue the DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment until further diagnosis.

Are there any other potential side effects?

You may experience one or more of the following side effects during your Bihaku Revision Home Protocol:

  •         Flaking skin.
  •         A dry/tight sensation with a slightly red appearance.
  •         Skin/face may appear swollen due to increased water levels.
  •         There may be a ‘prickly’ sensation when the solution is applied.
  •         The smell of the solution may make the eyes water.
  •         Skin may sting if you apply onto open skin or an open wound.
  •         The skin may become more photosensitive. This may be assisted by using Solar Shield 30+ 

It is imperative you continue to use your DMK Home Prescriptive products, as outlined by your Skin Strategist, to improve the chances of achieving your desired results.

NOTE: This DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment is designed to improve and/or restore the appearance of the skin. However, the results experienced by each individual will vary depending on their particular skin type and condition. While some will only require one DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment, others may require several DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatments over a period of time to achieve their desired results